Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Enjoy-ing week~ XD

Buahahaha~ My life is so busy~ with what? MANY LA......mainly...the form6 homework...almost can suicide me...T____T....but the Ms.WuiKoon,really geng de la! What homework also can finish de! Banyak Takutkan SAYA!
Lets see....scroll down to read my post la.....XD

 15/6/2011 WEDNESDAY

Fairwell my buddy YENTENG a~ She had went to Kedah for study. 5 years only come back....Y__Y  I miss her de le.......Thats why we fairwell her~ at the KOREA restaurant~ KANG SAN EA~XD


 4 boys 4 girls~ =] 

 Chee hong slept......

my leng lui manda~❤


 Girls~ =]


 out dai ka jie~ XD

 Monitor and assitant monitor~ =.=

 Groups of friends.

I love this! ❤❤❤

We all laughed and laughed till stomach pain~ 
Talked so much~~~~ Really funny de!!!! 
Some still drunk already~ hahaha~ 
Happy memory~ Take care yenteng!

 17/6/2011 FRIDAY
Hmmm~ A celebration with honey at night. Rushing after tired le~ But celebrate with him worrr~ Sure happy and excited la~ ^^

 Cola Club~ =]

 I like the light~

 tats so much we ordered for two people! XD

 I love this COLA CHICKEN CHOP! ^^


 Yeah~ ❤❤❤

 Haha~ Leng lui la~ XD

 like clubbing eh? hahaha~ XD


 We drank so much~@__@..............
We finished all the food that we full~ XD
 Reached home at 10.30pm....I enjoyed that day! ❤

18/6/2011 SATURDAY

Early in the morning 6.25am~~~ I reached school~ Take part in Jogathan ler~~~ T___T So tired~ but luckily I won the third prices~ happy la! XD 

 Ms.WuiKoon was helping Ms.Leafy to pin up her number.

 Leafy so..................

 Me and koon koon~

 Ms.Leafy~Wui Koon and Me~


 Category C~ Number217~


 HAHAHA~ So proud le~ I won the third places~ XD

 and then that day night.....I went the Charity Dinner! LOL~
The CHONG HWA there la......aduh~ 
My little cute princess~ I spent 45minutes to tie her hair~ @__@ 
I went there with my parents....and honey~ 
LOLZ......he was carrying my sister in the school.....=]
BUT,Pn.Chew Cheah saw three of us included my sister~ 
She straight away looking at us...and her emotion......was so funny!!!! hahaha~ we all laughed also~ XD
LOL.....many teachers saw my sister and kept hugging her......❤
I saw my GCC's student too! She saw me and kept waving hand to me!XD
Is true, a really grand dinner at there......
So many Datuk and Dr. came. wow~ 

 After I tied her hair~ ^^

 Wah~~~~ Flowers~^^


 So nice! ❤

 The first dishes~~~

 Wahhh~ The pork hand! @_@


 Pa system~
So many wiresss~~~~

 Me and Charmainne!

 Yi Thong and Me~
She's so 乖~❤

 Charmainne and Yi Thong❤

 Cassandra~ =]

 LOLZ......i love her hair~ XD

 Flower girl~ =p

 she's cute! ❤

 So tired......T____T 
But I enjoyed! 
Thanks honey! ❤


Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Alright Alright, Calm down readers~ Dont scream at me! I knew U all miss me! >__<''' 
Hmmm~  I went bowling with Form6 students today. Errr, It was a competition for the Form6. They opened the competition to other school and TARC. Wahhh~ So many people there. All so PRO! @__@ 
Early in the morning, still got Mr.Chai came to have a speech and Mr.Lee Bok Gui also there. Then, Pn Karti, Pn Chew Cheah, and bla bla bla......teachers came. Me and Wui Koon was a team then beat others team. Only two of us......So fast finished the competition dy~ But I was proud that I've got one time strikes!!!! =___=.....*I knew is lame la! Just give me a clap la! *WINK*. 
 Mr.Chai was having the speech.

Wui Koon and Me. 


 Wui Koon.
Kay, then two of us couldn't got into second round then we opened a court to play ourselves. LOL....with honey la. He came to find me then. XD.....I was like kept throwing to the LONGKANG. "洗沟渠" .....@__@  Xuan Yi them were so PRO! They won the second prized for the lower form6. HAHAHA~ We've got marks and sijil already! XD  
 You Wei~Maxwell~ Wui Koon~ Me.

2nd Picture.
Hmmm~ we went to POPULAR after that. Choosing my pens, papers and IPHONE covered. Ewww~ I spent so much of time to choose then at the end didnt buy. T__T  After Wui Koon went back, me and honey had lunch together.  SPAGHETTI!!!!❤❤ 

 Small portion of spaghetti.

My creamy mushroom spaghetti.

Wahaha~ I enjoyed for today with BOWLING. No need to pay anything then can play dy. F.O.C.
Charmainne and Me with clown.
I love this sooooooo MUCH!
Charmainne is sooo pretty! ^^